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... and what I do


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In an environment in which, already, too much material is besieging too many busy people, too often, my eBulletins are tightly crafted, timely and precisely audience-targeted. They are well-accepted, and trusted, by my comprehensive Scottish and UK databases of named travel agent and travel services provider readers :

Click here to view a recent edition of SPAA Today

Click here to view a recent edition of Kansas/Oklahoma Headlines

I also custom-design and circulate eSurveys; and analyse and report-back on the outcomes :

Click here to view a recent SPAA eSurvey, and click here to view my Executive Summary of the results

The software I use in connection with my eCommunications incorporates an excellent statistical package, which allows me to track and analyse the performance of eBulletins and eSurveys alike – and report back substantively to my clients



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I write precise, accurate and creative prose tailored for a range of media and audiences :

To view example web-related beach, cruise and ski resort descriptions, click

For an idea of how I approach my technical and report writing, click

To check out my news reporting on - click

I also write blogs and opinion pieces for clients (click for an example) ...


... and I even have a bit of a reputation for rhyming to order (not an area of huge demand, but good fun, and appreciated by my clients) (click for an example)



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I have long-established and excellent media contacts – in both the UK travel media, and Scottish consumer media sectors, and a sound track record in achieving positive media response – especially in the UK travel media sector :

To view a couple of recent SPAA News Releases –

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Compliance consultancy

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Forty-plus years' experience working in and around the Scottish and UK travel business – in the leisure, corporate and MICE sectors – has allowed me to build a small but solid compliance consultancy clientele and portfolio. In addition to offering general management and project-related advice, I also consult on licensing matters – in particular ATOL applications, and I have bespoke Employment Contracts in circulation in a dozen of Scotland's independent travel agencies :

Contract of Employment : click to view an example

My Contracts are structured to allow renewal of individual conditions of employment, and individual pages, without the need to replace the entire document, and I offer a 'compliance maintenance' service, in which I automatically advise clients of impending changes to employment legislation.

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